Sunday, 21 June 2009

So what is it all about then?!?

So how can I put this? I am not perfect either. I am not perfect at all actually. I do complain and I am grumpy, when I shouldn't. I do think about my convenience and how to get ahead, professionally at least. But I don't under any circumstances let myself fall victim of the "current". I hate doing something just because I was told to or just because I am expected by others to do. I simply refuse to accept the 'normal' and try to differ, even though that means my exclusion from society. I understand the fact that life today is ruled by money, power and how to advance yourself by luxury. But why can't we live without the over-the-top luxury and just enjoy what we have here, now?! Why is it that we can't stop wanting more and more? In all, why are we so damn greedy and insatiable; on love, career, friendships, clothes, bags, cars etc. Why do we think that the more we have, the happier we're going to be?

As a child I was brought up to think that money don't come easy and that I would grow up to face my Schyllas and Charybdes on every corner I'd turn. And so I am. The thing that most gets to me though, is the fact that the more I struggle in bettering my life; the more I see people around me who have so much more than me, complain and nag about all the things they still don't have.

I get mad. I do. I am very passionate as a person and when I get angry, I feel like Vesuvius about to erupt. I tend to judge those who are so greedy and who can't see all the good things in their lives. And whilst I think that life is indeed unfair, I do not blame them. They were brought up thinking a certain way; in life we must always get what we want and crave. This stinging feeling which builds up inside when we don't have something which we really really feel we must possess, must be filled and covered, otherwise the world is grey all around us.

But it's here exactly where the paradoz lies; getting what you always want does not mean happiness or eternal pleasure. Pleasure is a human error, a human feeling and soon fades, leaving a void wanting to be covered by something else, some other material to keep us wanting what you can have. It is really like the thrill of chasing after someone you know you cannot or shouldn't have. You still crave the thrill and the andrenaline that creates in your body. But this is exactly the folly of human kind, and this is exactly how human greed will destroy human existence. Greed only leads to destruction. Self-contentness is the key to the true Nirvana, to the true Happiness, to the true Love.